Terrorist in Chief

What is most remarkable about Trump’s speech exiting the Paris Climate agreement is what he doesn’t say.

There is no actual denial of climate science or of the consequences of doing nothing.  And there is no alternative proposal to address any of it.

Instead there is a bunch of economic nonsense from National Economic Research Associates–who specialize in producing alarmist numbers for the coal industry–and some elaborate misinformation about asserted unfairness of an agreement that was negotiated over years with pluses and minuses for everyone.  (When he ends by talking about “other countries laughing at us”, it’s hard not to think of the Saudis after they snookered him with their sword show and got everything they wanted with no concessions in return.)

Basically all he says is that he is entitled to ignore all consequences of climate change for this country and every other country in the world in order to make good on a campaign promise to the coal industry (it remains to be seen if miners will benefit).   He can’t claim ignorance of the consequences for the earth and the US economy, because he received clear indications of what he was doing from an astonishing collection of major business groups throughout the country.

On that basis Donald Trump stands to be responsible for more death and damage than all other terrorist groups combined.

So Trump has finally earned one of his superlatives–he is Terrorist in Chief.

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