Our So-Called Press

There is one subject on which Trump is quite right.   His response to any protest is always “That was an issue for the election.   If you didn’t like it you had your chance.”

If we had a real press in this country, they would recognize the irony of it.   In the two weeks leading up to the election none of the real issues faced by the country were covered.   The only thing in the news was the nonsense about Hillary Clinton’s emails–a joke compared to the daily behavior of Trump’s administration.

Everything Trump has done was known but ignored.   With no coverage, voters assumed he wasn’t serious, even his deliberate hiding of tax returns was somehow not serious.  And on the subject of Hillary Clinton’s emails they all missed the big story—the FBI was deliberately throwing the election, and no one even whimpered.

After the election, when the big push to create a horserace was done, some of the press has developed a conscience.    But as Trump has aptly pointed out, it’s too late.

This election has exposed the emptiness of a lot of our mythology.  One obvious example is the “checks and balances” in government that are supposed to protect against tyranny.  However, the scariest of all is the hollowness of our “independent free press”.  The only press we have is an ongoing form of entertainment called “news.”  Nothing other than ratings governs its content.

This election was a referendum on democracy; that much was always clear.   The alt-right was there from the beginning.  The FBI was committing electoral fraud.  But none of that was important enough to make the news when it mattered.

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